La Casa de Panchita

La Casa de Panchita is the name of AGTR’s the institutional venue, created in 1998. It is a meeting point where child domestic labourers and domestic workers can go whenever they want and as long as they want. It is open from Sunday to Thursday, from 9am to 6pm.

At La Casa de Panchita we foster domestic worker’s self-esteem, the implementation of their rights and the compliance with their duties. We promote their empowerment and improve their autonomy for them to enable them to take better decisions in all aspects of their lives. Moreover, children and adolescents in child domestic labor (CDL) take part in Sunday sessions, during which they are provided with balanced nutrition and their scholar education is improved through playful activities. They also participate in recreational and cultural excursion meant to improve their knowledge of Lima’s history and heritage.

Most activities are free: learning reinforcement and access to a library with scholar textbooks and computers; english classes; legal counselling concerning labor issues, sexual counselling, emotional assistance; workshops ( on self-esteem, rights and duties, dance, theatre, art, singing, cooking, handcrafting and more).

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