Child domestic labor

Child labor is one of the most troubling issues in our country. The reality of children in child domestic labor (CDL) is often an ‘invisible’ activity in our society, which directly affects their educational, physical and emotional health. Compromises their future, while depriving them of the time with their family and play and socialization time with other children their age.

What happens to children who “work at home”?

Most of them get to foreign households as godchildren, to ‘help the godmother’ with domestic tasks. They are sent away by their own parents in pursuit of a better education and better living conditions, which, in most cases, are not achieved.

Children who come from inland areas of the country to the capital and other urban centers are separated from their families, culture and social group. Their play time is substituted by child care of younger children and cleaning and cooking occupy the time to do their homework.

Children in CDL are forced to perform tasks requiring a level of physical strength they do not have, and they are exposed to toxic products and other health threatening circumstances.

We can all take action!

We can all act so that girls under 14 years of age do not start working for other people. Tell your parents that they are not treated ‘like daughters’, they are abused, exploited and isolated, and that it is important that they complete their studies to have access to a better future.

To protect children who are still working in domestic service, tell your parents or guardians that it is better if they study in the morning and not at night and that they should not be employed as live-in domestic workers.

Child labor is not a solution to poverty, it is taking away opportunities. Studying, children gain educational capital that can enable them to achieve a brighter future.


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