Latin American Network against Child Labour (LACTI)

Certified that “Protecting child domestic workers from abuse and exploitation,” by Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR) has been recognized as one of the nine best Good Practices in South America and the Caribbean, according to the International Labor Organisation (ILO) criteria, in the Contest of Good Practices for the prevention and abolition of child labor and protection of adolescent work allowed. October 2013.

Municipality of Lima

Granted the Lima Warmi Award 2013 to La Casa de Panchita for the category Defense of Women Rights, “in recognition of its outstanding career in the defense of the rights of domestic workers”, during the commemoration of the International Women’s Day. March 2013.

Centre for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights – CEPRODEH

It awarded Sofia Mauricio the Human Rights Medal – Arequipa 2010, during the celebration of the Universal Day of Human Rights. December 2010.

Ministry of Women and Social Development (MIMDES)

It awarded Blanca Figueroa the Order of Merit for Women distinction 2010, at the commemorative public event for the International Women’s Day. It is the highest distinction the MIMDES issues to women “for their excellent professional and social performance, as well as its commitment to the defense and promotion of equal opportunities between women and men at the national level.” March 2010.

Lima Lawyers’ Association

The legal counselling work performed by AGTR was recognized by the Lima Lawyers’ Association, which held a contest during the commemoration of the Human Rights Declaration. Dr. Pilar Mendoza, AGTR’s lawyer, won the recognition in the “Defender of Vulnerable People” category. 2009.

Nonprofit Enterprise and Self-sustainability Team (NESsT)

The employment agency La Casa de Panchita SAC won the first prize in the 2nd Social Enterprise Contest, organized by NESsT through ‘Nest Fund’. It is aimed at providing financial support and training to a select portfolio of business activities carryed out by CSOs in Central Europe and Latin America, in order to implement development market-based, income-producing strategies, to diversify funding sources and allow them to be self-sustained and maximize their social impact. 2009.

CORDAID (Netherlands)

The Political Action Committee of Women in Metropolitan Lima, the People’s Action Party and recognized outstanding activist women in different sectors. Sofia Mauritius, coordinator of La Casa de Panchita, was honored for her work defending the rights of domestic workers. 2005.

Terre des hommes (Switzerland)

Chose La Casa de Panchita‘s experience to be presented through a short film in Germany. 2004.

NEC Corporation (Japan)

It selected a project developed by employees of its Lima office and AGTR as one of the top twenty social support projects worldwide. The project, within the framework of “Make a Difference Day”, consisted in the development of a computer manual for domestic workers. A total of 56,000 employees in 413 offices from several countries participated. 2004.

Anti-Slavery International (United Kingdom)

ASI selected six projects in the world as a model of best practices to support child domestic workers. La Casa de Panchita was chosen to represent Peru and South America. 2004.

The Maggie Black Trust (United Kingdom)

In its publication “Advocacy Manual. Child domestic workers: Finding a voice,” AGTR was one of the organizations selected globally as an example of effective advocacy at the local level. 2002.

Strategic Philanthropy (USA)

AGTR was one of the three selected organizations, among those receiving funding from The Global Fund for Women, to receive an evaluation of their work and present the results to the international community. This initiative was aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and awareness about young women’s lives and the importance of support offered by our association. 2001.

International Labour Office – ILO International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO-IPEC)

Recognition of AGT’s experience in the area of child domestic labor. The president of our board was invited by the ILO-IPEC Regional Office to Costa Rica to participate as an expert on the subject in the Sub Regional Workshop “Methodologies for Research in Child Domestic Work.” 2001.

The Body Shop Human Rights Award (United Kingdom)

AGTR was one of 39 projects worldwide nominated for exemplary educational effort in the issue of child labor. 2000.

Organization of American States (OAS) – Ministry of Education

AGTR was selected as one of the 21 best projects in compensatory education for social sectors requiring priority attention in Peru. 1999.


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