The organization

Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR) is a nongovernmental organisation (NGO) founded on August 17th, 1989. It is registered in the Public Records of Lima (Peru) as a Legal Entity, with number 10555.

A country where child domestic labor has been eradicated and adult domestic workers’ full citizenship and rights are recognised.

Endorse the access to domestic service exclusively of those with legal age to perform it, in compliance with their rights and high efficiency standards.

Urge the withdrawal of child domestic workers from the labour market by their families. Develop domestic workers’ personal and labour skills, to enable them to negotiate better terms of employment in compliance with their rights. Protect domestic workers from abuse and exploitation, by carrying out political and social advocacy, in order to achieve the full recognition of their rights.

Our Goals:

  1. Protect, with their participation, all the rights of those with legal age to work in domestic service, preventing, at the same time, youngsters who have not yet reached the minimum legal working age to access this occupation.
  2. Advocate for the State and civil society to become allies in achieving the complete inclusion of those marginalised because of their status of domestic workers, by ensuring the actual recognition of all their rights.
  3. Develop a working methodology framework aimed at moving people and institutions to get involved and replicate good care practices when attending to domestic workers.
  4. Foster domestic service in Peru as a dignified occupation for adult women, contributing to the country’s development.

Our Values
Respect for people: All human beings deserve our respect. The abolition of any kind of discrimination is, therefore, essential.

Gender equality: In educational and labour opportunities, access to services and in general.

Social Responsibility: Fighting against inequality should be a commitment made by all people, the State and civil society to those having less opportunities.

Justice: The recognition of domestic service as a dignified occupation, implying rights and duties both for employers and employees.

Commitment: Boys and girls, adolescents and women as subjects of rights that must be promoted and respected.

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